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Bringing the Bar to you!


Bar in the Box is a converted vintage horse trailer, housing a self-contained mobile bar. Our state-of-the-art dispensing equipment enables us to serve cold beer, cider, lager, prosecco and wine to even the most remote of locations! 

Raising the Bar!


With access to many craft brews we can offer something for everyone - traditional bitters, interesting IPAs, crisp Kolsch, fruity ciders all perfectly chilled on tap!

Get the party started!


If you're organising a social event and are in need of an outdoor bar, we have a quirky and stylish solution for you. We'll provide a quality bar experience for your guests, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the party!

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Bar in the Box Ltd

Bedale, North Yorkshire, England, DL8 2JE

07875 218325

Private Hire Packages


£100 booking fee to secure your date.

Then choose from the 3 options below:-

Open Bar

Choose your preferred drinks menu and offer your guests free drinks - a tab is set up which will be settled at the end of the event.

Tab Bar

Choose your preferred drinks menu and pre-pay a cash amount.  Once this amount has been reached, the bar can revert to a cash bar.

Cash Bar

Choose your preferred drinks menu and your guests will pay for their own drinks.

We accept cash and card payment, including contactless*.

* Card payments can only be made in areas with sufficient WiFi connection.

Sample Bar Menu / Price List


Wood Fired Pizza anyone?

Our brand new wood fired pizza oven is totally amazing and we're not just blowing our own trumpet - we're getting rave reviews from all our fantastic customers too!

Finest Ingredients

Our pizza dough and Marinara sauce are handmade using the finest ingredients.   We're keeping our toppings simple but delicious - choose from a combination of mozzarella, basil, rocket, red onion, mushrooms, pancetta or pepperoni. 

Beer and Pizza Party - seriously what's not to like?

We charge £6.00 for a delicious 10 inch wood fired pizza made to order with your choice of toppings!

Flammkuchen New For 2019

Flammkuchen (in German) or Tarte  Flambée (in French) is an ultra-thin, crispy pizza-like snack. Traditionally, bakers in the region between Germany's Black Forest and France's Alsace-Lorraine would use Flamms to test the heat of their brick ovens. How fast the Flamms cooked was an indication of whether or not the ovens were the right temperature for their bread-baking.

If you love thin & crispy pizza - then this is for you!

16 inches of cracker thin dough (flour, oil & salt) spread with creme fraiche mixture (with added herbs and spices) add classic toppings of onions and lardons.  A couple of minutes in the wood fired oven and out comes a mouthwatering treat  - to be eaten immediately if not sooner!

Be a little different - have a Flamms party!

We charge £6 per 16" flamms - all cooked to order.